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While we offer local, hourly portrait sessions, we believe that this is a perfect time to go big enjoy these fleeting moments of your life where you're in-between dating and marriage. Your romance is worth capturing in a meaningful, imaginative, and bespoke way. Victoria created the Styled Portrait Session to unveil a world of opportunities to depict your passion for each other. This is an opportunity to focus on immortalizing the way you feel right now for each other, do something romantic, and have a great experience. Our goal is to create something so special and emotional you'll want to revisit the memories of the day over and over — you walk away with unique, magazine-worthy photos of this pivotal time in your lives.

These sessions are for any stage of your romance, too -- not just engagements! Whether you’re just dating, proposing, want to adventure the day before or after your wedding or on your honeymoon, babymoon, or anniversary… you always deserve to document your love and escape together for whatever reason.

up-level your Portrait session:
a fully-styled photoshoot

High-end FLORALS with Professional Hair & Makeup

During your pre-session Artistic Consultation, you will collaborate with Victoria to achieve an elevated, editorial look for your photos. Victoria will prepare a styling guide and mood board for you to help you choose the perfect outfit that coordinates with the colors and vibe of your chosen location.

Included in your session fee is a high-end bouquet or a floral installation by one of our favorite florists designed to perfectly compliment our vision, plus professional hair & makeup!


behind the photos

What you don’t see are a whole crowd of people behind us, sitting and watching the sunset on the rocks. Steph and Eric were just killing it in front of the camera, and the crowd was loving it. When we were done with this shot, the whole crowd started clapping and cheering “Congratulations!!” to them!

Steph + Eric in maine



Amber and Austin had never been to Kauai before, so they generously trusted me to find their elopement location for them. (OMG PRESSURE!) Thankfully Kauai is like a second home to me, I was lucky as a kid that we vacationed there almost every summer at my Grandmother’s property she’s had since the 70s! They wanted to see the ocean and the mountains, without being on the beach. So I remembered this secret spot, hidden at the end of a mile long trail through ruins of an old, abandoned, torn-down hotel that overlooked Hanalei Bay. I daresay, I think I may have nailed the brief...

Amber + Austin in Kauai



Zoe found me through one of my past brides, and when she wanted to schedule her initial phone call with me, she apologized for not being able to fit in my normal office hours since she and Kevin were living in Amsterdam for work! When we talked over the phone, they said they were moving back to the states after three years abroad just before their wedding and wanted to commemorate their time in Europe by doing their Romantic Escape session there! Only Zoe had been to Paris before, and since it is indeed the city of love, they chose to do their Escape in Paris! I met them at their home in Rotterdam and we took the train to Paris together the next day, spending the weekend exploring the city and taking photos as we went! (Pro tip: if you want to do photos at the big landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre, go as early in the morning as you can to beat the crowds)! Over the time we had together with me as their third wheel, we shared an AirBNB, lots of bottles of wine, and hours of exploring. We were able to bond as friends, allowing us to create real, natural photos for their engagement, and will make a noticeable, positive effect on their wedding day.

Zoe + Kevin in Paris



A firsthand account from  steph:

Our destination Styled engagement

"I stumbled across Tori through a college friend whose beautiful engagement photos she had just taken and my first thought was “holy s*** I need this photographer in my life”—Little did I know at the time what an impact Tori would have on our lives. We set up a meeting over some drinks and instantly hit it off. Being an artist and photographer myself, I had a vision already forming for the engagement session and was nervous when originally looking for photographers that they wouldn’t quite capture it.

However, Tori quickly put me at ease (and yes, we totally geeked out over good light, color and textures as my husband eyes rolled into the back of his head). When talking about locations, I told her about my love of Maine and the importance of it in my life as I had spent all of my summers and winters at my grandparents and had just recently lost my grandma two weeks after our engagement. Without hesitation, Tori asked us what weekend worked for us and that she couldn’t wait to see us up there..."


We rented a tiny cabin on the side of a lake outside Acadia National Park and very quickly got to know each other.

One of my favorite things about Tori is that even though she was staying in a cabin with practically strangers, it felt like we had been friends with her our whole life. Her warm personality, sense of adventure and awesome sense of humor quickly meshed with us and what was supposed to be a quick weekend to shoot some photos turned into one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had. We split our session over two days, shooting at four locations in Acadia with a different outfit for each location. Before the trip, I had sent Tori photos of each location and also the outfits I had in mind for each. She gave me her feedback and helped finalize pieces and even posted on her Instagram a dress I ended up buying (which turned out to be SO EPIC AF).


Maine can be quite fickle in its weather, going from 75 and sunny to freezing cold, overbearingly foggy, with 50 mph winds. We got a little of everything and through it all Tori worked through it without a complaint.

Whether it was to give me a break to warm up in a blanket or to help me recurl my hair in a bathroom full of hikers (yes, we got a ton of weird looks) she rolled with it all and handle everything like a pro. On the shore of a peaceful lake, on the top of a sprawling mountain, beside a turbulent sea, or on the side of a ragged cliff, Tori was ready for anything we threw at her.


As someone who is used to being behind the camera, I was very nervous to be in front of one. However, Tori not only made us feel comfortable but she also made it personal and FUN.

I think a lot of photo sessions can end up being tedious or overly posed, but with Tori she made it very natural and really focused on our love for each other. My husband and I will always remember this trip and we truly had a once in a lifetime experience that was incredibly special for us. We made amazing memories, received absolutely stunning photos that we constantly get compliments on, and also made a lifetime friend. Hiring Tori is one of the best decisions we ever made. So if you want an EPIC AF photo session and friend, she’s your girl!! 


the philosophy behind our


Victoria Heer provides artisan imagery and a bespoke photography experience for an effervescently romantic clientele in DC and all over the world.  The couples we click with value the same things we value: high-quality, aesthetic, and one-of-a-kind experiences.   Our extraordinary couples are looking for a passionate photographer who is going to go the extra mile; who treats their unique, powerful love with the utmost care and attention.  We work closely with a limited number of couples each year to showcase the special connection they have with each other, their family, and their guests.

We embrace the unmatched qualities of the origins of the photographic artform: using 120mm and 35mm analog film cameras whenever possible.  We never use cookie-cutter poses and always deliver breathtaking, inspired images.  Every step of the way, you are immersed in an artisan experience that goes above and beyond the typical level of service and attention.

Portraiture begins at $850, Elopements & Minimonies begin at $2500, and Wedding collections begin at $5500.

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We specialize in photographing celebrations for couples who value a meaningful, personalized day centered on creating a beauty-filled, unique experience for themselves and their guests.

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