your future family heirlooms

Or do you remember finding old photos of your Grandma and Grandpa while helping them clean their attic - sitting down on the floor with a box in your lap and spreading out their memories before you as you’re transported back in time, filled with questions and trying to imagine yourself driving one of those awesome cars in the 40’s? You may not have had these exact experiences, but you probably experienced something along these lines: going through family albums in those little 90’s slide-in volumes, or your great-aunt’s old slides of her trip to someplace exotic. There’s something about physically touching a photograph that creates a memory all it’s own.

Now think about how your children or grandchildren are going to view the photos from your wedding day. What will their experience be like? How will they discover your love story? What cool “retro” items will they be commenting on? (I’m still scarred for life by those 80’s wedding dresses with the poofy sleeves… my poor mother).

How do you want to pass on your legacy and create those really cool attic memories for those who come after you?

We are at a point in history where we’re losing touch with creating artifacts that live on, outside of a digital realm. We are decluttering and digitizing our keepsakes to save space and keep things efficient, but your wedding is a BIG DEAL in your life's story and deserves to be memorialized as a physical keepsake, not just as files on your computer.

Do you remember the first time you saw your Mom and Dad’s wedding album? Did you stumble upon it, or did they sit down and share it with you - turning the pages as they recounted their day?

make your memories tangible


Leather album

unbound album

The Unbound Album serves as a tangible, analog backup of all your images, and arrives with an accompanying wooden USB drive containing all of your original resolution .jpg files and signed proof of authenticity.

Each image from your online gallery will be printed in 4x6 proofs and delivered in a gorgeous, handmade wooden keepsake box, engraved with your last name or wedding date on the top. Accompanied by a USB, the Unbound Album serves as an analog backup of all of your online digital image files, because a hard drive will not last forever.

Unbound Heirloom album

I want you to have every moment in your hands and off your computer. That's why all of our collections include every single one of your final images in print.

The Highlights   |   150-300 4x6 portrait proofs + USB
the Wedding   |   900 4x6 wedding proofs + USB
The complete archive   |   1200 4x6 proofs + USB

THe Highlights
150-300 4x6 portrait proofs + USB
The Wedding
900 4x6 wedding proofs + USB

The Complete Archive
1200 4x6 proofs + USB

Unbound Heirloom albums come in three sizes:



Reminisce and share your day by displaying a gorgeous, handcrafted leather album in your home for years to come. This custom-designed album preserves your favorite moments on archival photographic paper. Hand-assembled by artisan bookbinders with your choice of premium leather covering & your names and wedding date imprinted on the front.

Handcrafted Leather Album

These albums are built to last for generations. Intended for that one day when your granddaughter begs to flip through it with you, "just one more time."

PARENT gift album   |   6x8, 30 Pages
family Legacy album   |   8x10, 80 Pages

Leather albums come in TWO sizes: 




Flip Through


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an artisan approach to your most important Memories.